Until Next Year...

Annnd, that's the end of the countdown. :( Technically we ended up with a lot more than 31 posts, even though we missed quite a few days by the end there. Thanks to all who read and commented (or read and didn't--I feel ya, lurkers). Hope you all had a great Halloween. Can't wait until next year's countdown!

A few pics from our Halloween party decor after the jump (along with the great E.T. pumpkin Laura carved, pictured above.)


Costume Closet 21: The joke's on you--I'm not even a real blond!

I was doing a makeup test for a possible Harley Quinn costume and thought it might fit here, not-blond hair and all.

The proportions are kind of off. I think next time I would make the mask bigger, especially under the eyes and a little above the brow.

I also want to apologize for the MySpace type of pictures here (and the overuse of the contrast function, haha). Laura's normally the photographer for all of the pictures on this blog, and she always makes me look good. This is what happens when I'm lent the camera!

A few more pics after the jump, as always.


Costume Closet 20: Little Red All Growed Up

My mom thought I looked more like a vampiress than a Red Riding Hood type of character...oh well. I pulled this one out of the bottom of the closet, where I had completly forgotten about the red bodice and skirt someone gave me to use as scrap fabric. I never did, since it was polyester, but with a few size adjustments I think it could actually be pretty useful for a costume.

The gorgeous lace hooded cape was also a gift, but one I'd picked out myself from an Ebay store a long time ago. I've never really found the best use for it.

Pumpkin Life 16

Temporarily taking over the pumpkins for Laura, here. She's bogged down with schoolwork this week, but we still have a few blank pumpkins waiting for designs so I thought I'd try my hand. As you can see, I come from the school of sloppy detail, so my work isn't as polished-looking as Laura's!

This design was based off of Maleficent from Disney's The Sleeping Beauty, during the sequence in which she becomes a dragon. The neck part of the body simply wraps around the back in a bunch of spiral arm-looking things.

Costume Closet 19: All Washed Up

Here is a second type of pirate, this time using my own costume. Originally, I wanted it too look like I'd been in some sort of gunfight or shipwrecked. I did some degree of distressing on the clothes to make them look worn, although I'd probably do a bit more now for a stronger effect.

This costume was made at the same time as the other pirate outfit for a Renaissance faire. It was definitely one of the worst sewing projects ever, since I had to make 3 costumes in a fairly short period of time (and made some hilariously bad mistakes at the last minute. My personal favorite was me altering the trouser pattern to better fit a female body, then forgetting to change the pattern back when I had to make one for a guy. Haha oops.)


Pumpkin Life: 15

I do have a special affection for the Tim Burton stripes. Not in the current Hot Topic sort of way, but what can you do? So I did this simple pumpkin, but I think it does make a statement. The pumpkin I used was white too so it was nice and easy for me.

The pumpkins all together look kind of cool with all the different sizes and colors. I should try and take a photo of the whole group just to show.


Tacking up the decorations--finally!

In this house we always end up miraculously broke around Halloween time, so recently we started going for more "budget" type of decorations. Really budget, like made-of-construction-paper budget. This is one of my favorites, a silhouette pantry I made last year. It didn't quite go back together exactly the same this time, but I think it does a decent job of dressing up a plain white refrigerator.